Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quiet times

Things have been pretty quiet in these parts ... I've been waiting to think of something I could blog about, but so far nothing thrilling has hit me. It's just work, home, looking after small boy. Which suits me fine.
Shaun has started a new job though - it's at Fairfax. I know he wouldn't want me to write anything about it on my blog, so there goes that idea.
Since my two comptitions wins in the space of a week there's been nothing else ... I keep just expecting to win stuff now! My mum, in her excitement about my two wins, has been entering anything and everything too. Perhaps she'll be the next winner in the family?
E has just been up to his usual 3yo angel/devil caper.
See? Very quiet.

1 comment:

Stomper Girl said...

What? I ALWAYS expect to win stuff. $10 million powerball tomorrow? Mine, all mine.

Hope Shaun's job okay given the latest news about Fairfax....