Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All Greek to me...

My Greek lessons have begun - self-taught at the moment, but we'll see how it goes. I may need proper tuition. My mum, sister and I have agreed that we're all going to Greece together in 2013. Yes, I know that seems a long way away but for me that's a good thing. You see, it's to celebrate my 40th birthday (yikes!) and right now, I'd prefer to focus on 35 ... not 40. It hurts too much!
So, five years out, Mum has bought a great teach-yourself Greek language kit. I have a different one from the library, but it's not as easy to follow as hers. I will take a copy when I can. The goal is for us to at least be able to converse at a polite level in Greek - and I'm certain we will do this. The language itself is phonetic, which is nice. The fact that it's a whole different alphabet ... not so nice.
Still, it ought to be fun trying to grasp it (and surely five years gives us a decent run at it). Unlike my mum, I have many opportunities to practice. My neighbours are Greek, like every second person in this 'hood.
Love a good challenge!

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