Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More on England

Since arriving back in Australia we have been afflicted with the most awful cold/flu for years. Shaun and I have both had it, E missed it ... which probably means he'll wake up fevered tomorrow, the day I'm due to start my new job and when Shaun is bang on deadline.
Anyhow, still feeling very weary and washed out, so here's more pics and fewer words. It's all I can manage right now.

I think we were a little bit obsessed with the loveliness of the garden of our cottage in England. Shaun and I each photographed it on several occasions and when we loaded our photos we had about 30 pictures like this one!

I picked up this sweet little navy duffle coat in the secondhand shop for $5 shortly before we left. It got PLENTY of use! The weather was mighty brisk the whole time we were in the UK.

This house was literally across the the road from where we stayed. Amazing.

Chocolate-box pretty, or what?

This is one of my favourite photos. Across from where we stayed was an old-fashioned sweet shop. I'd been promising him that if he was a good boy I would take him in and he could choose whichever sweets he wanted. This is him moments after making his selection...

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Stomper Girl said...

I love the sound of that old-fashioned sweet shop!