Thursday, March 27, 2008

Indulge the insomniac a moment, if you would

So last night went like this:

* Watched some comedy on TV with lights dimmed to signal to body that it's night.
* Crunched a couple of Scheussler mineral salts for insomnia that the lovely Kim suggested I try. Kim, I do think they helped a great deal, I certainly felt tired before going to bed...
* Took two Valerian tablets
* Felt drowsy at about 10pm so started a 'sleep journal'. I sat in bed and wrote down my anxieties in a notebook then wrote a quick summary of all the positive things in my life. I found this to be a good experience and I turned the light off feeling good about sleeping.
* Talked with Shaun a while.
* Waiting to sleep
* Waiting
* Waiting
* 12.30 listen to meditation on my MP3. Nice, but nothing doing.
* 1am - do as Kim suggested and get up and watch 1/2hr of a DVD
* Become overwhelmed with frustration and take a melatonin tablet
* Back to bed, hoping to be asleep by 2am courtesy of the melatonin.
* Melatonin works but I'm highly irritated by Shaun's snoring/breathing/rolling about at 2.30am, so scrabble round for earplugs
* See clock tick over 3.30am
* Sleep shortly afterwards until 7am.

So, yeah, I've been trying to pick up teeny little spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on travel and business stories (on superannuation - hey, that oughta cure my insomnia) on THREE AND A HALF HOURS sleep.


TONIGHT however IS going to be different.

Oh yes, I've had enough of this.

I went and had acupuncture at lunchtime today - one of the benefits of working in Chinatown. I see this 'Dr' called Lisa who has a 'clinic' up a flight of rickety stairs above a Subway and next to a tattooist. The Monorail passes about one metre from the window of this place. You could call it no frills.

But she's good.

Damn good.

Tonight, mineral salts, good old-fashioned natural exhaustion and the acupuncture.

It's got to be a winner!

Oh and I promise not to post any more about my sleep deprivation ... because it's probably putting everyone else to sleep.


Kim said...


kurrabikid said...

Six hours achieved. Had to take a melatonin but I did fall asleep naturally, which is a great step forward.

Fairlie said...

Insomnia is a terrible affliction. Glad you had a better night.

Kim said...

I forgot the cardinal rule - remove (or hide) all clocks. ALL. CLOCKS.

Yay for the six hours. I haven't had six hours consecutive sleep in about six months. Sigh of sighs.