Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's my party...

Excuse me while I wallow a little.
You see, I've come over all miserable when I should be cheery... because it's my birthday and I don't feel much like celebrating.
I am now officially 35.
35? How'd that happen? This is the first birthday where I've felt, well, old. Thirty wasn't too bad. Thirty five - bad. I woke up aching and with a pounding headache (no alcohol involved ... just a headache that I have had since Weds) - and if anything's going to make you feel halfway to 70, that will.
I'd chosen a restaurant in the Botanic Gardens that appeared in the SMH Good Food Guide as 'Outdoors' and 'Kid-friendly'. It turned out to not be either. The pouring rain removed any possibility of outdoor dining. And the table of tutting nannas next to us wasn't much fun either. Still, the food was pretty nice, the wine was good and the company as lovely as ever. Ewan enjoyed his fruit salad and icecream.

But then we walked (or ran - as it was still raining) back to the car to find a parking ticket. This despite me dutifully paying $16 onto my credit card for four hours parking (we were back in under three hours). Needless to say, I will be having words with the council first thing Monday morning.
But it ruined my day. Damn it.
I came home and cried. Then I cried more because when I was little my mum always told me that if you cry on your birthday you have a bad year ahead. Oh great.
E had fallen asleep in the car on the way home (4pm) and I went off for a walk by the river to sort myself out. The day has improved since then.
Shaun and Ewan made me chocolate cake from the Apples For Jam cookbook I was given when I left my last job. E seemed to enjoy the making ... even if the mixture did almost hit the floor a couple of times.

He insisted on "blowing the party"

Because when you're two birthdays are all about you regardless of whose they actually are...

I think he was pretty happy with his efforts...

In the process of writing this and looking at these pictures I realise the fog of grumpiness is lifting and that I should stop for a second and take stock of how lucky I am. Hopefully the year ahead will be a good one, superstition be damned...


Juliette said...

Oh Sarah, it must be the number 35 that creates tears, I too had a cry on my bday, things didn't go as i had hoped! But I tell you Im looking forward to my 40th.
Im not married so i haven't had a big event yet. My 40th Im gunna dress up like a princess and have a big party : )

kurrabikid said...

Yay for you, Jools. I can't even begin to think about 40 ... it hurts too much! My mum, sister and I have plans for a trip to Greece for the year I turn 40. It's a huge dream that one, but we're hoping to manage it. We'll see!

Kim said...

Now I get it - I always cry on my birthday.