Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our Christmas in pictures

So we went out to my sister's place near Condobolin which, for anyone who isn't from these parts, is way out in the west of NSW. Normally it's possible to fry an egg on your thong by about 9.30am ... this time it has just been raining (a lot) and the weather was sublime. No day was hotter than about 30 degrees - so lovely. And the water! It was just laying there in what for the past six years have been PARCHED paddocks. And I do mean parched. On the drive home we passed a black swan floating along on a 'lake' in one paddock. Surreal is the only word for it.
Anyhow, we had a fantastic Christmas and here are a couple of pictorial highlights.

You know how some people aren't too pleased to open a present and find undies? Well, this is not the case with my son. He was delighted, because these are his first undies. Wiggles undies, no less. Delivered by Santa. Yeah!

Hamish, E's little cousin, got a pool for Christmas, so in they went. In their matching swimmers (also in Santa's stocking).

Nanny was there. They got to splash her.

The girls sat around a bit while the fellas played with their new toys - they all got remote-controlled helicopters. Very cool.

We climbed to the top of the Black Range, near my sister's place. It has a nice outlook, and this is my dad taking it in.

Basically, Ewan wants to be Pop.

Shaun got this lovely vinyl hat in a dodgy work Kris Kringle. E is quite enamoured with it...

Did I mention that the way E got to the top of the mountain was on Shaun's shoulders? He carried him the entire way.

Here are the Sandersons. I love this picture of my sister, her hubby and her boy.

While we were up here E grabbed the camera and Shaun let him take some pictures. HE TOOK THIS. I'm serious. It's a brilliant shot, isn't it? But before you think I am boasting about having some kind of photographic child prodigy on my hands I should state that ALL the other pictures he took were like this:



fold my laundry please said...

Lovely pictures! And who wouldn't be ecstatic about Wiggles undies?

HAPPY 2008!

Stomper Girl said...

Wow. He looks too little for undies, I am most impressed!!

Your Christmas sounds really nice, and relaxing too.

Happy New Year.

Kim said...


You're married to Shaun?

Who I went to uni with?

With Lara and Dave?

Did we go to uni together?

Am feeling very stupid if I have somehow not clicked on this before.

These pictures are amazing btw - absolutely stunning.