Thursday, November 22, 2007

There's no accounting for taste

... in our house. The little one, in particular, likes to keep me on my toes. From the moment he could say 'no' he's been rejecting most of the things I cook for him. But the other day I was at home and just made pasta with a chilli tomato sauce (nothing fancy, just the ol' Dolmio), tuna and parmesan. Didn't even offer it to E, but he spied it and ate pretty much the lot. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised considering he will (occasionally) eat the following:
*tandoori chicken
*noodles with spicy sauce
*curried beef stew
*lemons (big wedges of them)
*sardines (from a very young age - maybe 8 months)
Weird kid. Eats these things but has never consumed a potato - not mashed (is he mad?), not baked and only occasionally do chips meet the E seal of approval. Not much into meat, not terribly into vegetables (with the exception of tinned corn, which he would happily consume breakfast, lunch and dinner ... and sometimes does. Thank you Mr Edgell).
Oh, and I forgot to mention the Thai chicken curry I pack him for his daycare lunch. I am sure our carer thinks I am insane but apparently he eats it.
I adore all the foods I've listed above, so this makes me wonder if there really is some truth in the idea that what the mum eats while she's pregnant or feeding can impact on junior's tastes?

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