Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I snapped this pic earlier today, in between downpours. I'm still scratching my head as to why this scene pleases me so much (as it has done since E was born). I'm wondering if it's the whiteness that appeals to the (now defeated) neat freak in me? Or perhaps it's a subconscious nostalgia for my own childhood, because by the time I was three-and-a half I had two nappy-wearing siblings. I can't remember too much from this time but I'm quite sure my mother remembers washing all those nappies.
Maybe it's the slight smugness I get from knowing that a) each washed nappy represents money I have not handed over to a multi-national for a disposable and b) that I am doing my little bit to keep pooey nappies out of landfill. (It definitely is only a little bit ... when I was on maternity leave he wore cloth all the time, now he has disposables for daycare - fair enough - and for overnight.)
Thinking about it, maybe I've worked it out. Spying a line full of nappies from out my kitchen window always means this: one less chore to do today!


Kim said...

It rained too often and too heavily for me to hang anything out today. I can't believe you do cloth at all. I did them for about a minute with Felix and abandoned it almost as quickly as I started. He was just permanently wet.

kurrabikid said...

I don't find them at all bad - though, saying that, I'm pretty half measured about the whole thing. These days he does wear the disposables a lot (about half the week) and I'd never put him in a cloth nappy at night =-that would be a recipe for a wet mattress in hours. Ick!

kurrabikid said...

Oh and by the way, they are still on the line SOPPING WET! Probably as I am just about to be as I dash for the train!