Tuesday, April 2, 2013

At home

We spent this Easter at home. It was the first time in YEARS that we've done so. Usually we're off visiting farflung family or escaping the city.

It would have been lovely to head west, but we're doing that in a few weeks' time anyway. So we spent the four days just relaxing at home.

And it was amazing. Great to just reboot sometimes, isn't it?


* rediscovered bike riding and had lots of rides around the river in the dappled sunshine

* made bunny masks for the littlest.

* visited the beach, just for the heck of it. No swimming required.

* baked hot cross buns - not perfect, but wow!...

* had an Easter egg treasure hunt in the backyard among the leaves of the massive pumpkin plant.

* picked five more pumpkins. Groan. I can only bear it in cake or curry form - so long as I can't taste its horrible flavour I'm good...

* and of course there was CHOCOLATE!

Good days indeed!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, it's happened. We've cruised passed February 9 and that makes me ... FORTY!

I've been doing a bit of navel gazing in the lead-up to The Big Day - doesn't everyone? - and a bit of wrestling with the idea of entering a new decade.

The past few months I've been enjoying a lovely sentimental mental stroll through my 30s again. Surely the 30s MUST be everyone's favourite decade. Almost all of my 30s have been spent in the company of little children and, really, what better privilege is there in life than this? I can't think of one. Hard work at times, for sure, but I have to pinch myself when I think of how much more enriched my life is now than it was when I turned 30. Goodbye the Golden Years of the 30s (sniff) - you were AWESOME.

Funny, I remember my mum being terribly upset at the prospect of turning an ancient 30 years old (I was seven). I wonder if my kids will remember me turning 40?

They may well, because I decided to have a party. With my birthday falling on a Saturday it would have been a bit mad not to.

And I am so glad I did. I had about 50 people over to our local German Club, conveniently round the corner from our place.

There were some friends there I'd not seen for an age. My best friend happened to be able to come, which is quite something since she now lives in Helsinki! And loads of family members were there too. Oh, my family! They are the most beautiful bunch of people I could ever hope to belong to. Honestly, they made my birthday so unforgettable.

And will you look at the amazing cake two of my friends made for me?! I was teary when I saw it - such a thing of beauty! Not to mention utterly delicious.

My Gran was there - that's her there in the purple shirt. She's since had open-heart surgery this week! I was so pleased she could make it to my party.

And here's me with my wonderful fellow. The guy who is my perfect other, who understands me in a way I don't think anyone else on this planet ever could or would. Who adores me daily - I'm so incredibly lucky. He's my everything.

Yep, I'm 40. My 'fifth decade' is off to an incredible start. I'm hoping it brings me more confidence and a bit less anxiety, a bit more permission to not to sweat the small stuff. Plus lots more wonderful family memories and maybe even a few creative projects realised.

It's going to be good.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Same, same ... but different

People always say our kids are so alike. I don't see them as all that similar, but occasionally when I pull out pictures of them at parallel ages, well, yes, peas in a pod.

E at 3 and 1/4

T at 3 and 1/4 (how DO you flip a gif file?!)

Monday, January 28, 2013


After the fire comes the rain.

I normally find very rainy days a bit grim but today was a bit different. Not deterred by the drizzle, I went for a run this morning. It was damp and squishy, especially in the shoe department, but still pleasant to get out and have the track all to myself.

Later, we dressed the kids in their rain gear and let them splash in puddles. Oh, they had a ball! I'd been feeling a little guilty that school holidays are over this week and we haven't 'done' much. By that, I mean I haven't taken E to any plays or performances or had many play dates (well, he had 2-3) or even been to the swimming pool all that much.

My kids are real homebodies. They are so happy to stay at home, kicking around on the couch with a book or a toy. And yet I am forever struggling with this feeling that I *should* be taking them somewhere or doing something organised with them.

Today I had an 'aha' moment where I realised that I needn't worry. The simple act of running about in the pouring rain had them completely entertained and deliriously happy. No expensive outing required.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last year - July to December

OK, where was I in my dodgy 'the year in captions' recap?! ...


My biggest turned seven.

My littlest decided she needed piggytails.
TT takes a ferry.

Backyard soccer was played.


Thea turned 3. Here she is doing one of her favourite things: collecting rocks.

We took the kids camping, which was all fun and games until someone - not mentioning any names - cried all night because he hated being constricted in his sleeping bag!

In the Snowy Mountains.

After Ewan's ear surgery. When we got him home Ewan had day sleeps for a few days so the pair of them slept in middle of the day. Was weirdly quiet in the house!


We had to bury Ellie in the backyard after the poor old cat's kidneys packed in (she was nearly 14).

Ewan and Shaun made a hideout in the garden, which Ewan painted enthusiastically.

TT in fireman dress-up gear - on the day she actually DID alert me to a fire that had started in our garden (long story). She was my hero that day!

Took kids to a wildlife park. This guy enjoyed it; his sister was petrified by the koalas (screaming) but loved the snakes. Very, very strange!

TT helps hang the Christmas decorations.

Backyard cricket in session.

Mince pies are made - one of MANY delicious batches!

Thea flies her new kite on Christmas Day.

Cousins/besties having a Christmas Day cuddle.

You know, I've only just realised something: I've been sitting here doing this for a couple of hours (exciting Saturday nights in these parts!) and I think that my doing this now is some kind of subconscious reaction to the bushfires.

I'm so heartbroken for the members of my family who have lost everything they own, but especially heartbroken for their loss of the precious, irreplacable things like photos and drawings and school reports.

So, in that sobering light, maybe keeping my blog up to date with pictures isn't such a bad idea? 

Last year - Jan to June

It's funny, I think of myself as someone who likes to record the things going on in my life, but in actual fact I didn't spend much time on this blog at all in 2012. Oops!

So here I am, mid January, deciding I'd better do a quick catch-up. 2013 has not got off to a good start, with my home town of Coonabarabran being embroiled in the most horrific bushfire disaster so let's focus on last year, shall we?!


We started the year in the beautiful Barrington Tops. 

These cousins/besties had the best time together at their grandparents' place.

The little girl still looked little. 

I took what must surely be my favourite photo of Shaun EVER (sorry darl)!

It was back to school. Someone wanted in on the backpack action...

We inherited my friend's elderly pussycat Ellie when she moved overseas.

She was VERY loved by a certain little lady. RIP Ellie...


I only took 3 photos in April - this is one of them. Usual pre-bed shenanigans!

Captured Thea's "interesting" nap style. Not convinced wearing a backpack to bed is comfy, but hey, she did sleep.

Ninjago-building action...

Feet. Still little.

Carrying a precious egg collected at Nanny's.

Ah, no wonder the stroller is now busted...

Scribbles in the winter sunshine. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Great {Ocean} Weekend

Ah, it is so refreshing to go somewhere a little different once in a while, isn't it? I just had a whirlwind weekend away for work. And what an incredible weekend it was. I was given the opportunity to do part of the Great Ocean Walk. 

And can I say, if you ever get the chance ... JUMP AT IT! 

There was something so incredibly special about approaching the 12 Apostles on foot. It was extra rewarding.

The terrain was gorgeous,even in the bits where there were no ocean views (though we could hear the ocean from almost everywhere - adding to what was already an almost meditative experience).

We walked a couple of kilometres on sand, but that was about as hard as it got. Seriously enjoyable walking. Nothing too steep or tricky at all. 

This was one of our first sightings of the Apostles. Breathtaking. 

We encountered more sheep than people. 

Yep, that's right. Five million people a year visit the Great Ocean Road. 

Only about 10,000 people walk the Great Ocean Walk annually...

I think 'Australia's best kept secret' may be an understatement here. 
I hope I get the chance to do the full 7-day walk one day.

But until then I'll cherish the beautiful 'taster' I had of the walk. It was a mad trip - 5am start to fly to Melbourne, then a 3-hour drive to the coast and the reverse to get back to Sydney the next evening - but certainly worth it.
Definitely worth it. 

kurrabi kid